Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SCCA Solo Nationals Pre-Orders Being Accepted

Pre-Orders Now Being Accepted For SCCA SOLO Nationals
Lakeville, IN (July 25, 2017) In just a few weeks, nearly 2,000 of the world's best race car drivers will come together to compete for National Champion titles. The Solo Nationals will be taking place at the Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, NE (September 1-8).
Although Hoosier Tire will have trackside sales and service at this event, we want to ensure all our valued customers will have the Hoosier tires they need to claim their championship. Therefore, we are requesting you pre-order your tires at least two weeks before the event. Trackside sales and service will be provided by Hoosier Tire Midwest-Plymouth at the SCCA Solo Nationals event. To ensure tires be brought to the event, the pre-order cutoff date will be August 26, 2016.
For ordering information, fill out the following form and email/fax/call the servicing distributor below
Hoosier Tire Midwest-Plymouth
2519 N. Michigan St.
Plymouth, IN 46563
Phone: (574) 936-8344
Fax: (574) 936-1673
Email: hoosiertirereply@aol.com
Hoosier Racing Tire's SCCA Solo contingency program will be offered for this event with the winner of each eligible class earning four (4) free tires, and two (2) free tires for the second place finisher. There must be at least five (5) competitors in the class to claim a first place award and seven (7) competitors in class to claim a second place award. Solo and Pro Solo participants must be pre-registered in Hoosier Racing Tires Contingency Program, using Hoosier Tires (on all four corners), have the appropriate Hoosier decals on their race car, plus adhere to all other Hoosier contingency guidelines. Pro Solo Finale competitors can earn four (4) free tires (five competitors in each eligible class) for a first place finish and two (2) free tires (seven competitors in each eligible class) for a second place finish.
Contingency participates must be pre-registered at: Hoosier Tire Contingency

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